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Deluxe LED Full Hood – Black – 36″


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Aqueon Deluxe LED Full Hoods are made with precision so they fit snuggly on the inside lip of your aquarium frame. This significantly reduces evaporation of your aquarium water and is also more aesthetically pleasing. Hoods feature a full-length feeding door as well as rear breakout sections for aquarium accessories. Two LED lighting slots with plug-n-play design allows for easy interchangeability with Aqueon energy-efficient LED lamps such as the Day White, Colormax, Beauty Max, or Max Blue. A built-in moon glow accent light gives your tank a beautiful glow in low light conditions and a convenient switch gives you three lighting options: all lights on/off, LED lights only, or moon glow accent only. An Aqueon Day White LED lamp is included with your purchase of the Aqueon Deluxe LED Full Hood. Be sure to purchase the right sized LED full hood for your aquarium: